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Step up to the Lady Luck  standard with Gold Fusion

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Who Is Lady Luck?
The LADY LUCK team is comprised of dedicated professionals who work synergistically to provide you, the customer, with the most feature-packed system on the market today. Programmers, Gamers, Artists, Technicians, Engineers, Customer Support, Account Representatives and Technical Support staff, all focusing together towards a common goal:
Helping you win!

A Strong Three Point Approach!

Provide astounding games with breakthrough ideas that offer an exciting and entertaining experience for your customers.

Create a simple to operate, expandable Point of Sale system integrated with a robust back - office program, with compliance reporting features built in!

Maintain a commitment to Customer Service and satisfaction that is unparalleled in the industry!

High Definition Graphics keep your Players Engaged!

Check out our beautifully rendered graphics that are sure to keep your customers coming back for more! Entertaining, innovative and unique, our graphics range from the classic style to photorealistic! Our library of over 40 games means there is sure to be something for almost everyone! 

With unique bonus games that are so captivating and engaging, customers will stick around just to play them! 

Whether they are racing to the finish line to win the prize in CLEM & TRUDY, picking a gusher in DRILLING FOR DOLLARS, or burping the baby in BABYSITTER BABBLE, your customers will delight in the action as they rack up award after award!
Why Lady Luck?

Let’s be brutally honest, as a consumer today you have many choices, why choose Gold Fusion?

After all, many of the other companies say they are great, have great games and you can make a ton

of money if you just use their stuff! Sound familiar?

So who do you choose? Why do we feel we that our software is best suited to fit your needs?

Here is a short list of reasons for you to consider.
  • Fantastic, Exciting, Colorful And Entertaining Games!

  • Software Is Documentable As No Chance!

  • Can Operate From On-Site Or Off-Site Host!

  • Will Continue To Operate Through Short Internet Failures!

  • Allows The Promotion Of Products And Services Other Than Internet Time!

  • Change Modes For Different Jurisdictions, No New Software Needed!

  • Allows The Store Owner To Configure Promotions, Specials And Tournaments!

  • Allows Customers To View Their Game History From The Workstation Terminals!

                                  Featuring the famous RUNNING CAVEMAN!

The Community Jackpot Board

We want to make Gold Fusion the only source you need for your Internet Cafe Sweepstakes needs!

One of The Fastest Growing Promotional Game Software Companies!

Our development team is constantly improving our state of the art software to improve your profitability and sustainability!

More Features And Options Than Any Other Software On The Market!

Rather than a “One Size Fits Most” approach, over 6 different operational modes and customizable features within those modes allow you to configure the software to fit your needs!

Purchase, Lease, Or A Little Of Both!

At Gold Fusion, we understand that different business owners have different needs. Some wish to operate strictly as an Internet Café, others only want to supplement their existing Retail Business, some want both! Our team of Account Managers and Customer Care Representatives will help you to match your needs to our products and services! Don’t let that prime corner go to someone else, Call us TODAY!

Your Success Is Our Primary Concern!

With a full time development and design team for both Promotional Game Software and back office support for Promotional Game operations, we are in this to help you win !

Whether you operate a Traditional Internet Cafe, or have an Established Retail Business adding promotional games to boost sales, our in-house talent allows us to rapidly adapt to the ever-changing face of business and technology in today's competitive environment.

Our Software and Support Services will allow you to quickly integrate our patent pending Promotional Game Software suite to help you increase sales with our astounding Sweepstakes Games.

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